Monday, February 16, 2009

plastic bags and movie tickets.

the bulk of my outdoor time today was spent balling up plastic bag yarn at the knit cafe. it was a great way to spend a late afternoon. as with all gatherings of crafty folk, the conversation veered to all sorts of places - plastics and the garbage patch, dog know...crafty lady stuff.

actually, discussion about dog crap came out of the notion that plastic bags are made for groceries and then we are encouraged to put them in other plastic made for garbage. then other plastic bags are made for poop. in some cases, these latter bags are not plastic and make some kind of sense (ie. they are compostable). but still, why did my under-the-sink garbage basket thing come with its own new bags and warn me that it might not function properly if i reused grocery bags in it? like the fear that my warranty would be invalidated on a five dollar object. being convinced of that is like being convinced that the water from the bathroom tap is worse to drink than that from the kitchen.

as a side note (which i have been meaning to share for a while), i came across some plastic bags from target during our great american adventure that listed on them tips for being more eco-friendly by reusing bags. among earth-moving suggestions like using them as garbage bags, one of the items on the potential-reuse list was water balloons. water balloons? aside from the fact that a shopping bag from target would make a terrible water balloon, there are levels upon levels ecological ill in that idea.

for my part, i am just excited to get crocheting with the yarn we made. plastics boast really crazy colour options and a petroleum-based sheen that i rarely get to work with. i have some big visions about what to make for the project.

oh, and word to the wise: jen and i finished making the handmade nation tickets tonight. they go on sale at the ontario crafts council gallery on queen west when their doors open at 11:00am tomorrow. i suggest getting there soon if you'd like one.


Rosemoo said...

The colors in your photo of the knit cafe came out really nicely. Great shot! Looks like it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that on Target bags as well. I spent a good few hours thinking of other horrible things to do with plastic bags that should be printed on Target bags, like suffocating yourself.