Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more plastic bags and sea life.

i came home from the plastic bag yarn ball so itching to see how it would crochet that i stayed up half the night working on some new sea creatures that i have been thinking of.

here is an image of the product of my mad crochet fury. it's kind of more like a deep sea tube worm than a coral reef inhabitant. actually, i need to do a little more research into coral reef shapes in general. anybody have any faves they would like to share?

oh, and here is another product of furious crochet. that plastic is rough to work with. immediately after seeing this, i mosturized my hands. this new project is giving me crone hands!


Dory Kornfeld said...

Yes! I was up half the night crocheting away as well (though with yarn, not plastic) after learning the magic of hyperbolic space. I have a lovely little ruffle that demands my attention now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have a whole album on flickr dedicated to underwater photos i've taken over the last 6 months... there might be some in there that interest you.

sweetie pie press said...

kelly, that's brilliant!

i'm sure i will spend a tonne of time pouring through your pictures. they are beautiful. this picture of a tube worm is especially stunning to me. the endless colours never cease to amaze me.

thank you so much.