Friday, February 27, 2009


i finished the first of my two shame projects today for the crafty slacker's get 'er done giveaway (which you should check out if you haven't yet).

the length was finally love-interest-approved (adding about another foot) and a fringe added. the whole thing is now about eight and a half feet long. i think aitor could uncoil it and sleep under it in a pinch. and just in time for another cold snap.

thank you for motivating me, jen.


toronto craft alert said...

this post is doing double duty:
1. bringing joy to me knowing that the get er done brought greater warmth to the rev. and massaged away some of your shame knots, and
2. bringing joy to mike by making pipe smoking look so gooooood.

stacey said...

these photos make me just a little happier to be alive