Saturday, February 28, 2009

back on the horse.

now that the dead months are almost behind us, custom orders have started coming across my desk again. if you would like something, actually, now would not be a bad time (for me) to hammer it out. i am in the early stages of trying to put a couple new small tours together so it seems like i should just put the wheels in motion to amass any seed money i can. spring has to be around the corner, right? does your store need restocking? does your fabulous project need 1" buttons? i don't normally ask, but i thought i would just put this out there this time.

above are some very special brushed steel buttons made (using a process of pure magic) for my friends crumbs from winnipeg. the boys are planning their own spring getaway, an annual tour through europe. it begs an obvious question - when are you guys finally going to take me with you? i may not be some hotshot dj, but i can provide your shows with ovaries. let's go to berlin!


leah b said...


i also have a question regarding your capabilities with the button-making-machine, but it's not a fully formed concept as yet. just mulling and scheming...

sweetie pie press said...

hey leah,

there is no way i am actually going to berlin with the boys this year (or maybe ever), but you should go check them out when they come to town.

as for your questions, email me. i have figured out some new things lately.