Saturday, January 24, 2009

weekend roundup (around the house and journeys beyond).

first of all, i would like to introduce my second button board (made by the impeccable tara broderick). i also finally bit the bullet and put them on the wall. i had been waiting to get my office together (the last frontier of organization at the homestead) but decided these needed to be on a wall now. the one i already had was taking up valuable kitchen chair space, and the living room wall is a less invasive use of common space that the kitchen table.

i am still using the boards to sort the security envelope buttons (the collection of which has bloated to a hefty 309). they look so pretty on display and magically tend to harmonize with our blue walls. also, we love kentucky.

after home puttering, i went on a little walk today out into the world and visited the artists' flea market being hosted by board of directors at katherine mulherin's 1086 queen west gallery. aitor and i will be there tomorrow from 10:00am - 6:00pm, trying to see what the art community thinks of our stuff. in the spirit of a flea market, we are also going to bring a small sampling of thrifty goodies set aside for the love and rummage trunk show the weekend after next.

it's funny that so many people have rummage on their minds. or maybe it's not funny and recession just has everyone in a panic. either way, you should be able to find lots of thrifty gift options for your sweeties this valentine's day. oh, and i should also direct your attention to make something - the blog of my trunk show co-conspirator, karyn. aside from being a great place to learn things, get inspired and spy on karyn, it will also be host to a series of interviews with trunk show vendors in the coming weeks. we have a bunch of new vendors this time around and, as always, toronto craft folks are up to some exciting new things. i'm looking forward to hiding from the cold, sipping tea and getting to know my fellow vendors through cyber-stalking. that way i can be extra creepy when i meet everyone in person next weekend.


Ghostface Knittah said...

Oh man, did you crochet that awesome zig-zag throw hangin' on the couch? I love it! Oh the buttons look good, too. Also, please tell me the show is the weekend after next, please?

Viki said...

To see a KY plate hanging on your wall!
Love the button boards. Great job.
I think I have 2 new designs for you.
from KY

sweetie pie press said...

a) i did not make the throw, sadly. it's actually a very easy pattern but that one is a thrift score. it's all wool and would be really expensive to make from toronto-bought wools.

b) weekend after next. there was a collective brain bubble that erased next weekend in my mind. excitingly, i now found an extra week!

c) kentucky holds a very special place in my heart.