Sunday, January 25, 2009

artists' flea market.

for me and the reverend, today's major activity was the artists' flea market at katherine mulherin contemporary art projects. i am not going to lie to you, potential participants, it was a rather slow day. but i didn't feel the day was wasted, by any means. i completed 25 neck warmers while there (i love to crochet and hate to sew buttons) and made some good connection with people who don't normally interact with the craft scene.

also, katherine has an incredible curatorial ability (obviously) and access to artists that most events of this format will not have. she plans to continue these events every satuday and sunday through february 8th, with a different line-up every time.

will i do it again? i am not sure. but i will definitely make a point of attending as much of the rest of the series as i can, and encourage you to do the same. there are some astronomical art deals to be had, and it's all being sold alongside the artists' used gloves. it's a nice situation all around. and katherine has mulled cider on hand, to boot.


Tina said...

25 neck warmers? O_O
you are one crazy lady!!!

i think my carpal tunnel would totally act up if i try to knit as much as you crochet.

sweetie pie press said...

oh no. i just finished 25. they just needed buttons. i could have been clearer about that fact.

but if i could be a crocheting robot who made 25 neck warmers a day, i would be pretty excited.