Friday, January 16, 2009

small steps south.

my mother's partner, john, has graciously offered to take me on an overnight trip to portland, oregon. this is both for me to decompress a bit and also so that we can sell some of my father's old books to powell's - the biggest craziest bookstore in the world (that i know of).

the image above is from our drive-by of seattle. we did manage to pop into the city just long enough to check in with the good folks at red light (the capitol hill location). i am happy to say they are now stocked up again with sweetie pie goodness, should you seattlelites find yourself wanting.

tonight we sleep in a weird little motel in a barren portland neighbourhood i can't understand. but we are near downtown. i already know how much i would like to stay in this city longer. but any time here is much appreciated.

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