Monday, January 12, 2009


above are some lichen-encrusted branches i collected on the one little nature walk i managed to have while here. these puppies are being carefully packed up and brought back with me for a very special purpose. it seems totally ridiculous that i am getting up to such superfluous antics while desperately trying to figure out what i am going to do with all the little bits and bobs that my father left behind but it's so much easier to deal with a thing when one has a predetermined purpose for it. and this purpose will make me feel good.

i also managed a very perfunctory visit to talisman books today. the proprietress was kind enough to come by and buy some of my dad's paperbacks and also offer us some boxes. as i was picking them up i was reminded of the amazing craft wares they sell. it's possibly my favorite craft outlet on the island because they stuff they sell is expected west coast fare while still avoiding schmaltz. there was some really beautiful turned birch bowls and platters and some truly stunning ceramics. i don't have artists names, because i was there on very important other business but if you are on pender island, you will find the store. it's at the driftwood centre. you'll end up there on way or another.

speaking of ceramics, today i happened upon toronto ceramicist krystal speck's ruminations on ecology and ceramics. it's an interesting discussion that seems very near to its beginning. i, for one, am looking forward to seeing where the train of thought leads and respect her ability to publicly question her artistic practices. i could also stand to assess the impact of the things i make. but i will swallow that pill at another time. i certainly have permission to focus on other things at the moment.


leah b said...

ooohh, i was pretty tempted to take a bit of lichen from the semi-wilderness of spain, but have no idea how to keep it alive indoors. your samples are pretty pretty.

sweetie pie press said...

we will see how my experiments back home go. i will report my findings faithfully.

leah b said...

i consider you my go-to person for all things horticultural. i just haven't asked before because milosz ate all my plants, there wasn't any mystery. but, there's things i'd like to try and when i'm ready, i hope you don't mind my asking. just not yet.

sweetie pie press said...

geeze, i don't know that i'm an expert, just an avid experimenter.

my mossy plans do involve putting things under glass, so it could even me milosz-proof.

just come back home. we have a lot of hobbies to indulge together.

Unknown said...

lichen-encrusted branches! beautiful! can't wait to see what you do with them (and the lovely pine cones).