Saturday, December 6, 2008

paper paper everywhere and not a drop to drink.

okay, all. i think it's official. i have had to cut off my call for envelopes due to overwhelming response (which has blown me away, by the way). but fear not! there will be a phase two to my envelope collecting (probably closer to the new year) in which i will scan all the patterns i have and put them online so potential contributors can compare their finds to my collection. i was just starting to feel guilty about all the postage and fuel being used to send me more materials than i can actually use.

speaking of phase two, if any plucky photographer or scanner wizard out there wants to voluteer to help with the documentation, i am all ears. having another body working on this might help expedite the process. you would have to be toronto-based, though.

photo by dusty parr

all that said, if your need for paper is insatiable and i am now letting you down, the paper place (here in toronto) is having an astounding contest/giveaway this month. they are basically giving away a billion dollars worth of chiogami paper (well, not quite a billion, but close). this also gives me an excuse to rave about their new website. it's a real time burgler on which one could spend hours just staring at patterns and thinking of projects. really, the chiogami gallery has stolen my youth. the bricks and mortar side of the business (on queen street across from trinity bellwoods) also carries my buttons. just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

re: the paper contest: i totally just pumped my fist in the air and high fived an invisible person to my right. that is seriously just so wow. i mean, gah! right? GAH!

sweetie pie press said...

yeah. it's ridiculasssssssss.

also, the paper place is a sponsor of city of craft so, contest or no, you will get to meet them in person at the big show.

in fact, anyone who comes out will!

maybe they will even have paper on hand to fondle.

The Jan Fans said...

So fun to stumble across this. I've been collecting these security papers for the past year. I love the way that you've used them on buttons. Quite beautiful.

sweetie pie press said...

oh thank you, jan fans.

collecting for a year, eh? maybe you will feel the need to contribute some snips in phase two of pattern collection...

pomly said...

Oh I got excited seeing this brick pattern. I didn't expect that!

Betsy said...

Just found a pattern I haven't seen documented on your site, so I'm excited to see phase 2 roll out and and possibly send you this envelope! Love the website and the project - it was fun to participate in phase 1 (I'm Betsy from Atlanta) and I look forward to seeing the continuing progress in phase 2!