Sunday, December 7, 2008

dutch wife.

above is my first (and only, thus far) contribution from the netherlands. it comes from designer andre brocatus who also included personal notes attached to each envelope. falling right into design stereotype, these dutch envelopes embody the type of clean design that i tend to associate with northern europe. they have also presented me with a new problem - how do i deal with solid colours for my project? this is something i am going to have to turn over in my head because although they do not house the patterns i had originally expected to find, they do represent a unique approach to design and security. that top one, though, is aces. i really like the fact that the pattern is so big, too, so that buttons will only present a small part of it. some will be bleak, some will be busy.

i should also mention that these envelope updates are not happening in real time anymore. i have been so busy with city of craft and last week's trip to montreal that i have a contribution backlog of at least twenty packages. on weekdays i am still receiving more envelopes than i can properly go through in a day, so this backlog will only grow for a while. i thank all contributors for their patience in waiting for their blog attention and rewards. trust me, if i could i would just fall into an envelope coma and do nothing else. but currently it might be more important to make next weekend's city of craft the best craft show ever.

did i mention you should go to that?

ps: the multipurpose definitions of dutch wife.


Lisa PN said...

dear lovely you;
it was so wonderful to see you yesterday and talk.
you are truly an inspiration, and if you ever want a visit from beatrice, or perhaps a tea give me a call.
you are and have always been such an inspiration.

big hugs to you,

sweetie pie press said...


ms. p-n,

it was lovely to see and chat with you, too.

let's gorge ourselves on tea in the coming weeks!