Friday, October 31, 2008

school day part two: the hallowe'enening.

in an earlier post, i had teased about a great plan we had for halowe'en in brooklyn. well, i have had no time to announce these plans, but today they were set into action nonetheless.

the big exciting deal was that our friend melissa invited us into her 4th grade class in brooklyn to make buttons and do unflattering portraits with the kids. at first, i was trying to dissuade her from the unflattering portrait aspect of her plan, thinking it would release some kind of disaster upon the classroom. how wrong i was. the kids were totally excited to draw ugly pictures of one another and (unless they were pulling one over on us) totally uncruel in doing them.

melissa, you may remember, is someone we met years ago when she got a portrait done at renegade brooklyn. her class has all seen this portrait and, inspired by it, some of them had already tried their own. one young man has even compiled an entire book of his own portraits. we have been promised a photocopy.

there was so much fun to be had, and so much art made that i had to make and entire flickr set to house all the pictures. hopefully melissa and/or her students can help me remember who drew everything. getting credit is an important lesson for any aspiring artist.

later in the evening, we all (me, aitor and melissa) went into manhattan to witness the insanity of the parade in the village. or should i say, the colonel, beckylope and melissa?


toronto craft alert said...

what a handsome couple you two must have made.

love the kids portraits and that they weren't cruel. there is hope for the future!

Unknown said...

My class loved you since they know how to spot quality people. They totally love their buttons (I can send you a list of who did what) and they think that unflattering portraits are super cool. They really didn't do anything with malice- they know how to laugh at themselves.
Thanks again- not only did they have a great time and get to meet artists- personally, I look super cool since I know you guys.

Unknown said...

I would also like to point out that I didn't invite Becky and Aitor in to my class, but they offered it themselves because they take awesome to a new level.

sweetie pie press said...

offered it? we begged.