Wednesday, October 29, 2008

home cooked food and crafts.

the above photos are from the downstairs foyer at my friend dory's place in brooklyn. the hallways there are clearly suffering from some horrible blights.

tonight we were invited over to dory's for dinner (which she cooked for us). pasta, cauliflower, salad. it was a delight! we drank beers from toronto and talked about all kinds of things - crafts, new york city, glass museums, envelopes. ah yes, while in brooklyn, dory has been feeding my gluttony for security envelopes. this evening she unearthed some old british specimens she had had tucked away. i am probably going to make them into buttons right away to cool my nerves.

after dinner, we all retired to the living room to make crafts. aitor was drawing note cards, dory was picking out fabrics for a new baby quilt and i was (unsuccessfully) trying to work on my hallowe'en costume. i might have given up on it. i'm not sure yet. my current state of brain fuzziness has made it a bit easier to give up on things...or, to not bother bothering...not just now, anyway.

regardless of any failures in decorating myself for the best day of the year, it was so great to have an evening that felt normal. homemade dinner and crafts on the living room floor? there is little i could find more comforting.


Anonymous said...

Becky--it was so nice to have you and Aitor over! It made me feel ever-so-much-more settled in this new place, and I'm so glad that you could come and feel at home too.

Also: I have another envelope for you.

sweetie pie press said...

thank again for having us, dory. feelings of home are just what the doctor ordered.

as for the envelope, i could send you my address or we could get it from you when we are back in brooklyn in a week (but that is a whirlwind visit).