Saturday, November 8, 2008

philadelphia independent craft market.

today was the big craft market. if you are in philadelphia and have not yet made it out, i highly recommend that you go. off the top, i was very excited about the grid wall that the market supplies to artists. it gave me the opportunity to finally display the security envelope buttons i can't stop thinking in all their glory and large numbers.

to make things even grander, the collection of quality vendors are complimented by and always-impressive musical line-up that julie pulls together. everyone was amazing. we especially like joe duffey and the spinning leaves. the spinning leaves even had sage, ella and hazel join them for a couple of songs which was pretty exciting to me. i guess it take a week to develop auntish feelings of pride. speaking of which, is there a feminine counterpart to the term 'avuncular'? i think i am coming to the age where i could use that word a lot.

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