Sunday, November 9, 2008

brooklyn flea redux.

look what someone left on my table. thank you, stranger, for coordinating your contribution so well with my display.

i think we have decided it - when in new york, brooklyn flea is the place for us.

it should also be noted that we are being housed by our wayfaring friend, melissa. we went into her 4th grade classroom on hallowe'en to make ugly drawings and buttons with her students and were tickled to bits to find a stack of thank you letters waiting for us at melissa's place when we pulled in late last night. they were such a joy to read and really took the edge off our tearful goodbyes (the most heart wrenching yet) in philadelphia last night. i wish i had more than a few hours to sleep between then and this morning so i could have properly photographed them all. i will have to make scans when we get home, because, really, this is some priceless stuff. aitor and i have deicded to keep them safe and pull them out again whenever we feel down.


Unknown said...

Becky meant to say that she was being housed in Melissa's newly unbelievably clean (well clean for me) apartment. I loved knowing that you and Aitor were at my place when I was in St. Louis. I love you dearly.

sweetie pie press said...

i didn't want to out your past messinesses. but yes, melissa's place used to be a big pile of papers and rubber a really big pile. and now it looks all posh and lovely and spacious! there were even all kinds of decorating gems in the heaps. i really like that big old scale.

i hereby congratulate you publicly on turning this new and tidier leaf.