Monday, September 8, 2008

so long, atlanta.

well, it was a long stay in atlanta and an even longer stay in the state of georgia. in spite of that picture up there, we would like to extend some heartfelt thanks to all those who housed/put up with/got illnesses from us. that's you, raoul, missy, matt, stacey, matt & stacy (yes, atlanta is all matts and stac(e)ys).

we ended our elongated trip to atlanta with one last splash into the city's food at nuevo loredo cantina. this is one of my favorite places in atlanta and not only because it doesn't just serve ribs. i like it because it is totally catholic (even the garbage can housing is covered in crosses) and the decor reflects this both inside and out.

it is also located in this middle-of-nowhere area across from the pepsi bottling factory. for this reason, it is also one of the few places in atlanta that doesn't serve coca cola.

we were joined by our friends matt and lucky and i can't think of better way to say our sad farewell to one of our favorite cities. oh, atlanta, we miss you and your valiant citizens already.

hopefully chattanooga will find some way to take the edge off...


stacey said...

atlanta misses you too.

being around a couple canadians made me feel so exotic.

sweetie pie press said...

i'm sure you miss me like you miss a cesspool.

don't worry, we'll be back in a month and we'll be staying for a year.