Saturday, September 6, 2008

postal round-up.

so, a few weeks back, we gave out the mailing address for dad's garage theatre (where i was performing in atlanta) in the hopes of getting some much-missed postal affection. aitor and i have both come to miss mail during these many months away.

but man were we over-spoiled by the avalanche of mail we received when we got to atlanta (and it kept coming in over our stay).

first of all, there was an amazing care package from shannon gerard filled with life-affirming post-it notes, my favorite tea, coffee for aitor and a little handmade marvel to help me keep up with my beau:

i would imagine that these creations will be available at some point via shannon's etsy shop. she's such an inspiring crochet dynamo. thank you so much, shan!

if you were looking closely, you might also have noticed that cigar box in those pictures. that is the housing for my own personal portable library project. i hope to start it tomorrow, but we will see. i am now hacking up some serious lung butter so i am going to see how i am feeling before starting more activity.

speaking of lung butter (an image i think i stole from my friend lauren bride), we also got a couple of great letters from miss lauren. they were a swell surprise filled with tales of death and redemption from her subterranean apartment.

but the quantity prize goes to melissa, who showered us with feats of rubber stamping prowess, newspaper clippings and tales of high drama from the trenches of public school instruction:

thank you so much to everyone, especially leah who forwarded all of our mail from home. which reminds me...i owe you some postage money.

really, this has given me much to do while i have been feeling so ill. hooray for mail!


toronto craft alert said...

public guilt!!!!!!
finally catching up on missed blog i am reminded of what a supreme asshole i am for not sending any mail. please do not take this as any indication of lack of love or thoughts about you guys - this is abundant, swearsies. just supreme and utter lack of keeping in touch capacity right now. plus i am just generally a terrible postal communicator.

with hair tears & breast beats a plenty

sweetie pie press said...

you want public guilt? how about being late on my city of craft jurying?

we felt deeply spoiled with all of the mail we did get, but we also don't count our friends by the things they send us.

also, i feel too busy when i just think about how busy you are.

all i want is a hot toddy date when i am back in toronto in the fall.