Saturday, August 9, 2008

short visits to a whaling town.

today we made a day trip to new bedford, massachusetts to set up shop in a small day fair organised by elissa who runs a shop called calico there. it was a very small event with only about six or seven vendors and music all day - some authentic teenage angst rock, some overaged teenage angst rock and some sort of white man rap. pretty charming all around.

although it was a relatively slow day, we enjoyed some recently rare sun, learned how you set up and take down our new canopy, and got some little projects done - packaging buttons for shana logic, organising our show suitcases. marya also scored some great used books on her explorations around the town (i envied both the explorations and the books).

also, we left some buttons with calico, so if you missed us today you can pick them up at the shop.

thank you, new bedford, for being small and nice and easy going and for not raining on us at all today.

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