Tuesday, July 8, 2008

seattlelite of love.

this evening we left our brief visit with my family to hit the open road again and headed south into washington state. that up there is mount baker. i was trying to make aitor take pictures of it but conditions would not conspire with my designs. instead, you get a picture wherein it looks like i am about to consume some pylons like little candy corns.

we are lucky enough to be staying with our friend sarah and her fiance matt while in seattle. we met sarah a few years back in a dark and noisy bar in baltimore where we were all trying to hock our wares at the city's first big art show. we were fast friends.

upon our arrival here, matt and sarah took us out to a place near sarah's night job called the whiskey bar. they had like fifty kinds of bourbon! what a welcoming. i can only hope our full day in seattle tomorrow will live up to this start. i also hope we don't have headaches.

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