Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the day after the day before.

sarah got hungover. she is a funny hungover person. we decided to divert her hangover (and my crazy allergies) with some death breakfast at the mecca, a divey cafe/bar where matt works. the mecca is one of those places with poor lighting all day and night and service that is pointedly rude (although not at breakfast, we would experience this notorious rudeness later in the evening). as a sidebar, i think you can deliver slightly rude service if you do your job well and make me feel that you have things under control. i actual find the terseness comforting.

after chocking back some very good diner food, aitor and i went on a mission to go to my seattle stores (both red light stores - in capitol hill and the u district). both red light stores are pretty cool. they specialize in vintage and (although they certainly don't have thrift store prices) everything is really well picked and maintained. aitor got a little misty about a very nice sharkskin suit. maybe next time, sweetie. right now we need to siphon our dough into the hungry pockets of oil barons.

on the way home from our manic store visits, we found the university bridge to be broken. it seemed like a sign. so when we got back to the apartment we stayed in and watched thirty days of night while i made buttons. it's a surprisingly good movie (and pretty) with a terrible ending. there, i did a movie review. this blog is becoming as anti-specialist as its author.

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