Sunday, July 13, 2008

renegade san francisco, day two: full of disaster and sated.

i got a new, old manual numbering stamp a while back at st. lawrence market and finally used it today while putting together some packing for my first submission to souvenir shop. i also got these tiny pigment 'ink dots' which are pretty perfect for wayfaring craft making. nobody is as excited about any of this stuff as i am. actually, most people seem bored. so, i am sorry.

let's move on to today's discoveries...

today the fair featured an invasion by chicago-based marching band, mucca pazza. that was a pretty grand surprise. although for some reason aitor had to run away from the performance and throw up. thankfully this sudden illness was just headache realted and short-lived. lasting illness on the road can be a real scourge.

i also got to have a little visit with cathy of california, a lady i just met the day before. most of her renegade display consisted of 60's raffia flower-based crafts. but i got the notion that this was simply her current vintage crafting obsession, as her blog seems to chronicle and discuss a wide array of handicrafts from the 50's and 60's. it's pretty enthralling stuff. i also liked her impressive collection of vintage how-to booklets for raffia crafts. that's the kind of thing i am wont to hoard, if only for their vintage appeal. this booklets also boasted to added charm of profiling their authors - usually middle aged women who were proliferating these crafts as home businesses. our crafty foremothers, one could say.

as we packed up and bid a farewell to our weekend home of fort mason, we took a few pictures of alcatraz and the surrounding waters. it was so windy that my dress kept blowing up around my head. some strangers got a good show. but it was worth it. just look at this:

i appreciate the milky maxfield perrish colours that the san francisco sky is apt to display.

we ended our evening in the haight at this taqueria (which i am posting pretty much exclusively for my friends mike and terrance):

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Anonymous said...

i need to get myself over to the St. Lawrence flea market. that number stamp is COOL! people don't talk enough about stamps and ink dots.