Saturday, July 12, 2008

renegade san francisco, day one: appetite for disaster.

that blog title comes only from my exhaustion and has no relation to this day's events.

first off, i would like to give a big shout out to something's hiding in here for giving both me and aitor a big pre-renegade boost. you guys are some top notch sweeties. and now...

we loaded into the first ever renegade craft fair in san francisco early this morning and were thereafter treated to one of the nicest and most illuminating craft events i have done in some time. not to slight the other craft fairs we have done recently, but it was exceptionally nice to do a craft fair so far from the midwest/northeast. the west coast has its own vibrant craft scene filled with its own genius - and we've never seen it. after starting to know so many vendors at eastern fairs, it was overwhelming to be at an event so full of new wonderful things. and all this while trying our best to provide some semblance of customer service to the throngs of people that the renegade organizers always manage to get out.

i had to begin the day finishing up some button sets. between fairs, store visits and etsy, i had run right out of emma's love porn button sets. this is a minor craft fair tip of mine: bring something to do. it should be portable and not too overwhelming. it also shouldn't be something central to your display. but i find there are lots of advantages to bringing a project to a fair:
a) it gives attendees a peek behind the curtain and can start good dialogue about doing/making things.
b) it offers and alternative to simply sitting at your table/booth staring at potential customers (i, personally, am a slightly self-directed and shy shopper so i find myself avoiding booths where i feel i will constantly be stared at).
c) you get things done - a great advantage when one is traveling and stable work time/space is at a premium.

but enough about me and on to other attractions. there is way to much quality here to mention all the splendor, so i will just go through some hits. first off - the postcard machine! the pictures kind of lay it all out. except the pictures don't communicate postacrd machine's charming robovoice. that's a real treat.

we also got to see our great craft love, faythe levine, who has way too many amazing projects on the go to even begin to discuss here. the most timely and important are her impending film and book and also paper boat, the gallery/shop she runs in her home town of milwaukee. but she also makes art, makes music, make crafts, keeps blogs and tends bar. it's impressive and presumably exhausting.

faythe also has these lovely prints (below) for sale now to raise money for her craft documentary. the text is written by cinnamon cooper and amy carleton of the diy trunk show in chicago and was designed by kate bingaman-burt. if you can't find faythe at a fair, they are also available in her etsy shop.

i also bought a ship print (a mild new obsession of mine) from treatzone. dumbly, i did not photograph the print or their booth. but treatzone's website will communicate the necessary aesthetic information. oh, also the print looks like this.


Anonymous said...

your banner looks different in san fran. perhaps more mature with age and experience. it looks great!

toronto craft alert said...

i hope you are taking some thorough notes and using a spycam so we can appropriate these foreigner's ideas.

and forgive my hubris but i have to agree with karyn - the banner is ageing well!!

sweetie pie press said...

we were fortunate enough to be back up against a booth that had a full drape. she was nice and let us hang the sign off her framing. it really classed us up and gave the banner the loft it deserves.

Faythe Levine said...

awwwwww and double awwwww