Saturday, July 19, 2008

jurassica (and other points of interest)

at the adamant urging of our friend leah, aitor and i managed a visit to the museum of jurassic technology. this visit was today. los angeles can be so overwhelming to outerlanders like us that we were pleasantly surprised to find the museum to be walking distance from josh's place. nothing is walking distance from anything here. and if it is, you drive. but after being cooped up in the car for such long stretches, walks are very well received.

i can't quite describe the experience of visiting the museum. it is at once confounding and uplifting, occupying a space wherein ridiculous truths and ridiculous lies seem about the same. it's very hard to tell what's real there, but some of the information shared surely is. they also don't allow flash photography or tripods in the museum so my photographs are equally obfuscated. here is one depicting things to make string out of (from one of my favoirte exhibits - about string games):

on the way home, we found a curiosity of our own:

i guess if nobody is walking around one can do anything one wants to the sidewalk.

with minds fully boggled by the museum (and urine encounters), we powdered up and went out to an art auction. i felt very swanky, indeed, to have somewhere like an art auction to go while in los angeles. it was a fundraiser for faythe levine's indie craft documentary, handmade nation, and was hosted at the poketo studio space.

we also discovered that not only did the building have a roof with a stellar view of los angeles, but that said roof also had an outdoor pool and hot tub. an upshot of traveling is that one might have one's swim trunks in the car at any given time. i have no pictures of aitor in his trunks on this roof in los angeles; but for those who know, seeing aitor in his swim garb is a rare treat anywhere...and should probably be done in person.

good night, los angeles. we have to get going. i'm also afraid we might start to dislike you if we stayed too long. i mean, no offense. it's just a feeling.

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