Friday, July 18, 2008

house cleaning.

i am late on all fronts in announcing these things (i blame my current itinerant lifestyle), so i decided to do a small post from the comfort of my friend josh's los angeles living room to update you all and convey the exciting pieces of news i have collected while on the road.

#1 - upcoming programming from city of craft.
jen and leah are cramming the toronto summer full of crafty activity in my absence including a clothing swap (with tutorials on reworking old clothes), a children's-themed craft sale/day (with the workroom and good catch). check the website and facebook page for more details and updates.

#2 - goodegg industries.
i am actually appalled at how late i am in reporting this, but my good friend and city of craft co-conspirator, jen anisef, has teamed up with her pal laural to launch goodegg - a new shop to showcase the art and craft works coming out of canada. it's worth a good poke around. both of these ladies have exceptional taste and are deeply supportive of/thoughtful towards the canadian craft scene.

#3 -
speaking of good taste and mad skills, karyn from the workroom has also taken the leap into the blogesphere with as with everything i have ever seen karyn take on, it is impeccable, useful and brilliant right from the start.

#4 - all citizens on etsy.
the all citizens shop has also taken a plunge - into online sales with a new etsy shop. the hope is that this online outlet will supplement the modest income that the shop is able to bring in at their rural saskatchewan location. i think i get to claim some part in this through encouragements. so i will do so. since i suggested that serena do this, you have to go buy things there so that i am not proven wrong. also, if you have never heard of all citizens and their story, you should go read their old blog.

post script of no importance: today we ate lunch in a mall food court (century city mall) that was unlike anything i have ever seen. it was also one of the most satisfying meals i have encountered yet on the road. los angeles is full of weird surprises and glamor...and the waiters look like movie stars.


Anonymous said...

p.s. i'm intrigued. i want to know what you had for lunch in the mall food court!

p.p.s. thanks for the sweet shout out.

toronto craft alert said...

here here on karyn's thank you. much appreciated becky.

sweetie pie press said...

i had a make-your-own salad (heavy on the spinach and beets) and a bowl of lentil soup. just...unprecedented mall or road food.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug! Your encouragement was indeed integral to our etsyfication.

Unknown said...

still enjoying your tales...

do you think you guys could button your way around the know, for our enjoyment?

sweetie pie press said...

hmmm...i guess i have failed to mention the financial terror of this trip. other than that, i'd love to go hopping around the world. although, i do truly have a fondness for this continent and its landscape.

at the moment, i just want to stay in arizona forever.