Sunday, June 1, 2008

what a difference.

today the sun came out, the weather acting as if nothing had happened the day before. i guess we all slept it off and felt better. and what a fantastic day, too. sunny with enough clouds to keep us from totally baking in the sun.

aitor was swamped with unflattering portraits all day (he even had to turn people away) and we finally got to chat with a few vendors and meet new people, free from yesterday's rain and worries of destroyed artwork. i was especially excited to finally get to meet shauna from something's hiding in here. i am been unabashedly flickr-stalking their impeccable loft for months (until shannon and i cut ourselves off for fear that our self-loathing would consume us) and am always a great fan of their wide-ranging output. i'm actually kind of sad that i felt too poor to buy one of their paint-by-numbers america cut-outs. they are pretty freaking genius.

when the fair wrapped up, we took our sweet-ass, exhausted time packing up the car. sadly, we left our binghamton big lots canopy tent in philly after it finally broke beyond repair. i can't believe how sentimental i got about that. i guess aitor's right; i do get too attached to random things. after packing the car so you couldn't slide a dime between any two things, we piled in with my scribbled directions and drove to new york city.

trampoline hall happened to be doing a new york installment that night so we decided to try and make it. i made my usual toronto buttons for the show and was extra excited to see margaux williamson (art director and curator for trampoline hall) do her first ever lecture. as it turns out, our slowness and general traffic got us there at 10:30 so we only saw the last lecture (which was great) and hung out selling buttons.

in an odd instance of fate and timing, this lady melissa walked in moments after us. melissa is someone aitor did a portrait of last year at renegade brooklyn and with whom we recently started an email correspondance. we chatted like school kids and she took us in for the night. oh, this is a picture of melissa from last year, by the way:

now that i look at it, i realize she was wearing the same shirt to trampoline hall. take note: slayer shirts truly are the new little black dresses.


Unknown said...

Actually, I was wearing a different Slayer shirt. I don't mess around with Slayer.

sweetie pie press said...

i actually second guessed myself right after posting that.