Monday, June 2, 2008


above is the list of events listing clippings that brought melissa into our lives again through trampoline hall last night. as it turns out, she attended a trampoline hall a few years back in philadelphia when the lectures went on tour. the coincidences that surround our growing friendship really are overwhelming.

today melissa introduced us to the notion of the 'staycation' - a vacation wherein you stay in your own city and do the things to do there. melissa's newfound resolution to staycation in new york is also central in her coming out to trampoline hall. today, however, a fever kept her from her job as a third grade teacher and put a small damper on staycationing plans. still, it was nice to have some time to visit, fever or no. oh, and tales of a public school teacher in new york are transfixing.

aitor and i did a bit of ambling through brooklyn where we encountered this armenian man who strongly approved of aitor and/or his facial hair:

i think they look like a pretty happy pair.

aitor did some drawings of melissa in the afternoon and then by evening we had traveled over to our friends marc and dominica's place. marc and dominica are also known as mossyrock - a band you really should check out. they swiftly guided us to a bar with $1 pbr and we all got happily overloaded and then ate pizza. you know, new york is growing on me more and more with every visit. with the friends we have made, it just feels easier to slip into the city instead of just marveling at its grandeur.


Unknown said...

I think I am going to make Aitor and Becky puppets and I will imagine that you are with me during my staycations. Yes, oh, that horrible fever really ruined me!
Love, Melissa

shannongerard said...

i wish i had becky and aitor puppets too!

sweetie pie press said...

aww, you guys are too sweet.

and the blog is already working; i feel like we are traveling with all of you in tow.