Monday, June 9, 2008

sweet home. chicago.

i like chicago a lot. i can never remember exactly why (but it's not the improv scene, i know that much). to add icing to this blustery cake, our friend rebecca has a brand new kitten who attacks all our stuff and screams while he poops and generally entertains us non-stop.

we had to pry ourselves away from the hoopla today to visit one of my favorite stores/places to visit, uncle fun. just look at this:

billy (the manager) also claims that uncle fun houses the world's largest silly string sculpture. who knows if this is true, but i've never heard anyone else make such a claim so i choose to believe him. besides, look:

billy describes it as almost living (kind of like a rubber band ball) in that it is continually drooping slowly and constantly needs to be added to in order to stay alive.

on the way home, we stumbled into some sort a mexican street fair happening at the end of rebecca's street. it seemed to be an end-of-school fundraiser type thing. i was excited because we got to drink orchata and eat fresh fruit for a few bucks. with the heat and humidity and the mariachi, i felt like i could have been in another country. but then, that's kind of what this country is like - a whole bunch of other ones stuck together.

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