Sunday, June 8, 2008

so midwest.

today we drove and drove.

the whole day we seemed to be passing right before, after or beside big storms. we would see massive cloud formations shooting internal lighting bolts traverse the highway miles in front of us, only to have them move out to the north before we met them; we would arrive in soaking wet places and the sun was shining down again.

when we finally made it to a very moist chicago in the evening, we heard tell of all the tornadoes and severe storms we had spent the day sidling up to from the television of the golden apple diner.

then we found rebecca and the punk rock party she had invited us to. in an act of total non-punkdom, we opted to go to her place and shower the muggy grease off ourselves instead of smearing it on strangers to loud music in a dank basement. i really maintain no punk illusions whatsoever.

and we listened to tales of natural destruction all around us and the warnings of more to come. so we closed the windows.

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Unknown said...

good post. good writing. you're the only person i know who can make non-punk look good :-) wait, isn't being non-punk.....punk? sigh....too late to think....