Monday, May 5, 2008

spring things.

as warned, here's a run down of the great booty i took home from the spring thing trunk show.

there was lots of trading and wheeling and dealing involved in yesterday's activities, so i ended up making out like a filthy bandit in the loot department. i am not supposed to be accumulating at the moment because travels with the reverend are looming closer on the horizon daily. but it's hard to be restrained with such exceptional quality all around.

i ended up going home with a print of poppies by willow dawson. this is not going on the road with us, but now that i have figured out how to cut glass for our collection of picture frames we find in the garbage, it is going up on the wall and waiting patiently for our return. as a side note, willow and i also went to high school together in vancouver, although we barely knew it at the time.

i also got a pouch from needle book. claire always makes such impeccably designed and constructed things and pouches are always useful while travelling.

and who doesn't need a set of "innie and outie" finger puppets while travelling cross country? this is the new set of crochet wonders with which shannon gerard won my rubber ducky auction a few months back. apparently, the rubber duckies are causing quite a stir at shannon's house. her son, willy, explained to me that one of his friends can't go to the bathroom at their place because they freak him out. i'm glad to hear they are doing their jobs. these puppet packs, by the way, are fresh off the hook and will soon have packaging on the box outlining...suggestive shannon's singular illustrative style.

last, but most road-worthy of all is a cutlery roll-up made by marnie of girl number twenty. aitor and i are hoping this smart little item will keep us from killing absolutely all of the planet while we travel across the continent in our fume-spewing machine.

oh, and the flowers are the last of an old bouquet from the aforementioned sweetie. what a mensch.

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