Sunday, May 4, 2008

the spring thing trunk show.

...some reflections after the fact.

after the madness and largeness of the clothing show it is really nice to participate in one of the city of craft/workroom trunk shows. the two events are antithetical in many ways - scale being the most obvious. i was so harried for the trunk show that i had forgotten how great it is to see everyone arrive with their little vintage suitcases and open them up. everyone always does such a good job with their displays - from perfectly simple to perfectly detailed set-ups - and somehow it always harmonizes and everything looks good together. i suppose that can be chalked up to either shared aesthetics, trends, kismet or all of the above.

although i have grown to know quite a good number of vendors at the clothings show, the community aspects of the smaller trunk shows are palpable. the kids are running around underfoot and playing with one another, family members show up and we all have lots of catching up to do. kristyn's newest little one, basil, was literally days old at the big december show and now he's an alert little guy. i find it profoundly satisfying to practice all our independent businesses/projects while watching the kids learn our names.

please pardon my mush.

it has been a long weekend with such a lovely ending. i will post more about all the great loot i made off with tomorrow. but now i think i have a date with a pizza and a mustache.

oh, wait! i forgot that sunday also saw the birth of two new custom button orders (and two that i carry fondness for) - the new toronto craft alert buttons, with artwork by natalie do and packaging by jen anisef; and the buttons designed for the toronto outdoor art exhibition by david abrahams. they are both pictured below. the tca buttons should become available soon through the blog and/or etsy shop, while the toae buttons will be available on their merch table at the event. don't even get me started on being out of town while that is going down...

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toronto craft alert said...

love the mush. you do such great coverage...i would love it on tca, yo. damn your personal blog.