Monday, April 21, 2008

wasp's nest.

today is my first day without my day job. i miss my coworkers but am so happy to have the time to catch up on business stuff that has gone awry. note to canada post: seriously? where do my packages go when they don't get to their destinations?

with all this new found freedom, i don't know exactly where to start. i have generated a pile of 'to do' lists for all my various projects; the evidence of my household neglect is strewn all around me; my office needs to finally be established after a year of living out of boxes; and then there are my calming, soothing hobby projects (see obsessive quilting above).

so far my game plan has been to start everything, finish the most important things and leave everything else in piles on top of the household neglect. this shit clearly won't fly and the reverend is starting to get annoyed that he can't sit, stand or lie anywhere in the apartment.

hopefully this spring mania will subside and i will have the sense to sit down with my lists and make a schedule. but until then, it's all honeycombs, button bits and dust bunnies for me.

of course, i had to go and see something like this yesterday and start feeling like the biggest slob ever. maybe my shame will be motivating.


shannongerard said...

oh god, that perfect loft makes me feel like killing myself.

er, no. just like burning all my stuff.

no wait, like becoming a transcendentalist.

no to suicide. no to arson. yes! to knowing myself through insight, experience and romantic philosophy.

sweetie pie press said...

we shared the exact same shame-coaster in response to that loft.

i am stalled out in angst and standing in a pool of yarn and fabric. and bike parts. and paper.

maybe i need to have a garage sale weekend. at the end you can come over with a match. or a gun. or a mantra.