Tuesday, April 22, 2008

rubber band ball.

the more i look at the things i do and consider the objects around my home, the more i think that obsessive isn't just a word i throw around.


Anonymous said...

is there a tennis ball in the middle or is it all just rubber bands???


i want to start one too. how does one begin?

sweetie pie press said...

all rubber bands. i started this one when aitor and i moved in to our new place so it is just over a year old.

if you are serious, though, i would say that leaving it on a windowsill is a bad idea. this guy was just posed there for photographic reasons. the sun and heat with crack the elastic bands. that's what happened to my last one.

as my friend will says (an avid elastic band baller), they are almost organic things that have to be taken care of and maintained. they need to be steadily fed.

how do i have so much to say about elastic band balls?

shannongerard said...

oh, i have been meaning to post a picture of my rubberband collections for ages- this is inspiring!

sweetie pie press said...

i want to see! do you ball them up or collect them in some other manner?