Saturday, February 2, 2008

a photo a day. a pot holder today.

so i joined this photo a day a month group on flickr. i sometimes stay away from these sorts of things for unknown reasons of cyber-social anxiety. but i thought it would help me trudge through february. i am also trying to make something every day as an added challenge.

day one - with the help of the new sewing machine i was graciously gifted through freecycle, i finished the pot holder i was working on. it was the completion of a project my friend jen had lost interest in. i found the circles of fabric all cut out in a scrap bag of hers and asked if i could finish it. there a lovely green calico and an amazing hand-woven japanese fabric. and it's stuffed with circles cut from one of aitor's old undershirts which made me feel like a thrifty pioneer.

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