Monday, February 4, 2008

matryoshka dolls and other loot.

aitor and i went to st. lawrence market for the first time and we scored big on deals! i got these two matryoshka dolls (a market that was very competitive there), a bunch of sewing notions and, most exciting of all, a numbering stamp for $1!

aitor also got a new portable typewriter, because we always need another typewriter around the house (and i guess on the road since this one is portable).


meg said...

After a recent visit to the DMV, I have been coveting those very offical (and loud) stamps. great find!

sweetie pie press said...

yeah! i've been wanting one forever for my button sets and small-run zines and prints. and then all of a sudden, i go to st. lawrence market looking for nothing in particular and voila!

just as i saw it and started to pick it up, worried that i couldn't afford it, the man behind the table was placing out a sign that said "everything unpriced - $1." it was beautiful.