Monday, February 25, 2008

no rest for the wicked.

today i taught my first workshop at the knit cafe here in toronto. what a thrill! i got to indulge in a great passion of mine, hyperbolic crochet. it was a really lovely group of workshopees, too. and although we managed to digress into all sorts of conversation, i think we probably also discovered the true nature of the universe by 3:00pm.

with such platitudes as quantum physics behind us, marnie and i then hustled over to the workroom for a bit of supply swapping. it was a pretty overwhelming amount of stuff and i only found myself with a bit of energy for sifting through all the yarns and fabrics. i ended up with a couple of great finds, though, including some pretty choice wool fabric that may soon become a pin cushion.

the swap was quite well received and, with a small amount of logistical retooling, i think toronto will see more of these from city of craft/the workroom. stay tuned for more on that.

after everyone was gone, karyn, leah, jen and i slumped around on the couch and chairs (embodying the same energy as maisy here) and did some scattered scheming. suffice it to say, the wheels never stop turning and we have a couple of new plans in the works for the coming months.

oh, and i also got a sneak peek at my winning bid for the rubber ducky giveaway from shannon gerard. it's pretty amazing and smutty. she's kind of a bit of a genius.

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