Saturday, February 23, 2008

mega crochet.

i visited marnie yesterday after work to distribute some fabric scraps and generally talk about making things and living life. she has a three year old so a) grown-up time is much appreciated and b) we had a very funny visit filled with constant diversions. she's lucky to have a little one so easily distracted by feeding fabric scraps to her pet dragon.

marnie has also recently taken to making this crazy yarn from the seams of the wool sweaters she felts for other craft uses. she was generous enough to send me home with a huge bag of wonky wool and i couldn't resist diving right into it last night. for one thing, it gave me cause to break in the biggest crochet hook i have (if you're looking for such a marvel, i got mine on etsy here, although i am also needling a local woodworker to start making huge hooks for the massive hookers of toronto). secondly, when crocheting in preposterous gauge the work goes preposterously fast and i need quick gratification these days; i'm a busy gal.

at the moment, i am crocheting in the round and it looks like the beginning of a crazy rug, although there is a part of me that thinks i may pull this apart and try something else. i'm having trouble committing at the moment and it's doesn't help that my sweetie looked at me like i was some kind of crazy cat lady when he saw me making this thing. maybe i just need to take my friend hazel's advice; she used to say that if you feel your project is going awry it probably just needs more craziness heaped on top of it. in her case, this usually applied to excessive silkscreening but i might have some dry felting and free form embroidery in my future.

regardless, working on a massive scale is immensely satisfying. and the yarn itself is a lot of fun to work with.

marnie also gave me some bits of fabric. it's amazing, i decided two weeks ago i was going to undertake a quilt and the fabric gods (well, my fabric-loving friends) really came through. i have amassed an impressive pile of oranges and browns. now i just have to decide on a pattern...


Marnie said...

you make the yarn look good! thanks for keeping up with a little bit of child-induced craziness :-)

sweetie pie press said...

the yarn make me look good. but, actually, only in close-up at the moment. i am going to see what i can do about remedying that.