Thursday, December 8, 2011

crunch time.

work desk (1)b

if a messy work space indicates a troubled mind then what does the above picture say about me? that heap indicated the dishevelled state of all of my home, mind and schedule these days in preparation for the impending city of craft weekend. at least i have been getting lots done, though!

there will be both new and old stuff on my table for the show, too. i just got some long out-of-print button sets returned from consignment in rural saskatchewan, so there will even be some rare old chestnuts on offer.

speaking of which, i should get back to everything!

see you on the weekend.


lichia said...

wish i could be there this year. Have a great time today!!

julia said...

Waiting for your new posts and works. Your crafting corner looks quite tidy, btw.