Thursday, November 24, 2011

no wrist for the wicked.

wrist rest

2011 has been a long, strenuous and daunting year with no end in sight. in fact, it seems very likely that 2011 will still be happening well into 2012. carpal tunnel syndrome is not on the to-do list, though. that is why one of my lone personal craft projects this month was to crochet a duo of wrist wrest for myself and my sweetie. made with scrap yarn and stuffed with scrap fabric, they are basically a free solution to a growing problem we were both lamenting. and they work like a charm (so we can keep working like beasts of burden). it is amazing how much gets done in the current world at the flick of the wrist.


Unknown said...

You should sell these.

fredlet said...

I adore the wrist rest, but if you want to get rid of the carpal tunnel (or more likely RSI) then get rid of the mouse which is what caused mine. Get a Wacom tablet. Your hand and arm will be in a normal position rather than contorted to use a mouse.