Saturday, October 15, 2011

awards for something.

canzine awards

the folks at broken pencil asked me to make some custom awards for next weekend's canzine. they also gave me total free reign and, other than the fact that they should be awards, absolutely no constraints. so i made these. yup, three glorious inches of isosceles triangles. these is no greater meaning or rationale involved in these except that i like triangles and i like colours. what fun!

i also have to admit to being so swamped these days that i don't rightly know what they are for. i am sure you can win one, i just don't know how. pitch a book? pirate a zine? discuss mental health? regardless, you should come to canzine, do everything and feel like a winner with or without a big fat button.


Kim Baise said...

hi! i met you at renegade l.a.! i still have my dodo bird and silver granny button stuck on my orange felted purse (:
these are super cool win or lose

sweetie pie press said...

hey kim. yes! i remember! i have been thinking of you. i still want to work out a mobile for my home!

Emma said...

these are great!