Saturday, September 24, 2011

home run.

hometime (2)b

running doesn't even begin to describe how i hit the ground upon returning to toronto. the city of craft jury session was the afternoon after our late-night return to toronto. the jury session is a joyful slog. but returning home to a crazy mess is not. yes, after six years of exceptional luck with summer subletters we finally terminated the 2011 endless bummer tour with a rude awakening. tupperware used as ashtrays, broken bowls in the cupboards, tea towels burned right through, filthy walls and floors, spills, grime, toe nails, boogers, broken and missing art, trashed furniture - it was pretty disheartening.

i was upon until morning before the jury session just scrubbing the bedroom into a state that felt clean and clear enough to sleep in.

hometime (3)b

don't get me wrong, i am still really happy to be home. broken possessions and a general sense of thoughtless invasion are pretty nominal concerns on a global level.

after cleaning the bedroom, i began to establish it as our oasis while we work on the rest of the place (between work obligations). it was really satisfying to assemble a collection of art and objects from this trip and before in the hopes of creating some calm in the storm. pictured in this bedroom vignette are works by shannah burton, bernadette greule, tara bursey, gold fools, rcboisjoli and erin dollar (click on the images to find out who made what).

hometime (4)b


Tara Bursey said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear that you came home to a disaster. Next time, might I suggest Amy Borkwood as a subletter?

Sent out my house drawing last week, by the by...hope you dig it!

Erin Dollar said...

What a nightmare! Sorry you have to deal with that mess :( Glad to see your art collection can bring some comfort, though. I'm happy to have my work included among the other lovely creations.

sweetie pie press said...

meh. things are coming back together. and look what a lucky duck i am. i get to have art!

ps - borkwood did we one better and took my cat last summer. i would be more upset if she had been broken in half or set on fire.