Thursday, June 2, 2011

a raum with a view.

photo by leah buckareff

my constant ambling has made me a little late to the table on this one but last friday saw the opening of berlin's wunderkabinet #3 - the reading raum. congratulations on getting her rolling, leah! the display looks absolutely lovely, as always. and i was totally tickled to see that my shelf mate (pictured above) is the incomparable robert dayton. if you have not checked out his impressive and varied body of work, you might want to change that. i am deeply pleased to have our zines canoodling together under those lacy rocks for the summer. in fact, there are so many favourite people and artists in this show that it is almost pointless to list them all. and if i know leah's selective abilities, i bet even more wonders are held in the works of those who i don't yet know. leah is working on a full artist list with links. until then, you might want to do as i am going to and put google to work on this list.

for those who don't know about the wunderkabinet, it is a now-travelling series of themed contemporary curiosity collections that sets in in instalments around berlin's art and craft sphere. it is all curated and maintained by leah buckareff. the current incarnation is housed at etsy's berlin/international headquarters in a modular construction called 'the turtle'. i hear there is an arm chair there and possible some floor cushions to support comfortable and easy literary perusal. if you are in berlin, you should go there, read some zines and take a few home with you if you like. i would.

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