Monday, June 20, 2011

live in brooklyn and online (or a workshop on the business of indie craft).

photo by stacey bode

first, a big thank you to stacey for doing a brilliant and impromptu photo shoot with me in atlanta. i look like a hero through her lens and have already found a bunch of uses for them. it was time to admit that crafters can use promo pictures, too (read on).

secondly, i will be rolling through new york and brooklyn at the end of this week and have a packed schedule of awesome activity to share with you all.

a) i will be speaking at the etsy labs on a broad range of offline indie business topics. you can check out info on attending (it's only $5) here and here. if you are not in brooklyn, you can also watch live online here. isn't that crazy? watching online is free and can be done in your underpants, too. as for the workshop, i am going to start simple with a few basics and general insights about my years travelling the continent crafting then let audience questions guide the rest of the conversation. i have a big messy brain to pick. feel free!

b) i am also polishing up some details for a visit to the kickstarter offices (also in new york). as you may or may not know, kickstarter (and a large collection of friends and strangers) had a lot to do with making this year's tour happen. i am way overdue on a blog post about that process and am hoping that a visit to meet the crew gives me an excuse to share the piles of info i gleaned from the experience in some coherent manner.

to new york, and beyond!

but now, to make some buttons into the philadelphia night.


Cranky David said...

That photo is really swell! You look awful mighty! Rawwwr!


I totally second the comment above! Looks like you're crafting in a tornado - ain't nothing gonna stop you, ha.

Shannah said...

Best. Photo. Ever.
I saw you on the etsy news earlier today- super crafter!!! I'll be tuning in:)

shannongerard said...


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your "Etsy Success" workshop which I was able to view online. Thanks for being so transparent and willing to share all that helpful advice. I'm now a devoted follower of your blog and Etsy store!