Friday, May 13, 2011

red runner.

new car (4)b
photo by reverend aitor

i have a new car!

i am not going to lie to you, the crunch to find a new (well, used) vehicle in time for the tour to start was really getting to me. i was secretly within a hair's breadth of cancelling at least our first stop. after all, it is friday and we need to shove off wednesday. i didn't have another moment. but the miraculous has happened to me once again and today i picked up my new ride - a 1998 subaru station wagon. i move up a decade with every car! even more miraculous is that this was accomplished on a budget that was hard to serve in this fancy city. amazing! a million times amazing!

i am definitely feeling some adjustments coming on. i miss boris and his charms (as well as ample storage space). i am also getting used to driving something i feel like i need to up my style to match the car! like i should be dressing like a hot mom. but the safety features, leather interior, moon roof, sun roof and other silly extras i have never had before (like an antenna) really ease me away from most of my awkwardness. so...let the naming begin! any ideas? we will see what fits as we get to know this new ride.

prayers that the car has no secret, looming issues also gladly accepted.

oh, and i was happy to see that the new car was 'team crafted' - in indiana, no less! i have a feeling this car was made in my friend jerry's hometown of lafayette. is this possible?

new car (1)b

the process of finding this new ride would not have been possible without gracious help from michal, dusty, everyone who kicked into the 2011 tour kickstarter campaign and my absolutely wonderful mechanic, eric. thank you all endlessly! the tour is rolling!


shannongerard said...

If you look closely at the sign in the window behind you, it says: "The tragedy of loving. You can't love anything more than something you miss." (Jonathan Safran Foer)

Anonymous said...

Subaru is Japanese for Constellation
The Subaru symbol is the Pleiades constellation
Indiana Jones also came from Indianna

Dr Jones?

sweetie pie press said...

dr. anonymous, do you drive a constellation, too? and if so, is it awesome?

leah b said...

so exceedingly happy for you and your new friend of the road! xxxl

Amelac said...

I have the 2003 version of this car, and am very happy with it!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Confirmed, Jer says its probably made in Lafayette.

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, this is what my research tells me. what is a normal name for a tart from lafayette?

Jaime said...

we give up, tell us.