Saturday, May 21, 2011

a matter of degrees.

graceland (3)b

today was the longest driving day. in fact, today turned into tomorrow while we rolled from tennessee to texas. up there is a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich from our lunch stop guessed it...memphis, tennessee. in the strip mall shadow of graceland, we plotted out course and ate touristy things. let's just say that saying i have done it is probably the highlight of that particular culinary experience.

we popped into mississippi for my first time ever, too. i got a perfect skirt and a goodwill then we moved on to arkansas. the weather is getting warmer and i needed something breezy.

carlisle (1)b

carlisle (9)b

carlisle (15)b

these deceivingly bland images (above) are from the lovely gem of carlisle, arkansas. it is unclear whether or not the place is actually a gem worth recommending to other people but this town just east of little rock holds a special place in our hearts. it was a pit stop on our first ever craft tour in 2006 - before i was blogging or taking pictures - and our tours have not even passed by it since. it is also the backdrop for my most popular photo of all time. of all the places we have stopped back into (a favourite thrift shop was gone from memphis), carlisle has remained comfortingly the same. there have been changes, of course, but the trailer motel whose bargain basement prices lured us there in the first place is still under twenty dollars a night. we are hopeful for a stay on the way back up north to columbus. maybe you can't relive old magic but there is something about this gas station motel that sets me oddly at ease. arkansas, i want to know you better. i hardly ever even hear your name.

i will leave you with this message from an arkansas interstate:

not a swear
photo by reverend aitor

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