Thursday, May 26, 2011

leaving austin.

austin (4)b

austin (6)b

austin (11)b

parts & labour

austin (17)b

it has come time, we need to move on from this lovely city. above are a few last snaps (mostly of lettering and signage) from our last day here. in the mix, you may spy parts & labour, austin's preeminent, all-texas-all-the-time indie boutique. they have recently opened an adjoining poster shop, too - shark attack. i definitely recommend a visit.


sifi said...

austin is the only place i've been where there are street signs that say "no parking - musicians unloading"

sifi said...

i noticed that LABOUR is spelled in canadian, eh

sweetie pie press said...

i actually had a really hard time finding parts and labour before i visited online because it seemed impossible that they would spell it the right way. okay, not right - my way.