Monday, May 23, 2011

factory showroom.

stitch lab (3)b

it has taken us only a handful of days to accumulate a massive karmic debt to leslie at the stitch lab here in austin. she housed us for the weekend, hooked us up with another place to stay for the rest of our visit, gave us a bunch of local tips and now has given us an afternoon and evening of space to commandeer at the stitch lab - her awesome supply shop and workshop hub.

stitch lab (4)b

stitch lab (5)b

stitch lab (6)b

this place is amazing. austin's only source for wool felt, a packed and varied workshop list (tonight it is screen printing in the next room), notions, vintage buttons and samples from all the workshops neatly displayed in every little corner. some places just feel immediately comfortable to me - like a slice of home...only better.

stitch lab (8)b

i even spotted a stitch-up of one of the new berkely illustration/sublime stitching collaborative patterns in the washroom. home sweet home, indeed.

well, back to work. opportunities like this are not to be squandered.

stitch lab (10)b

stitch lab (14)b


Missy said...

This place looks so cute.

Mish said...

YAY! I know where I am going next week!

Jen Anisef said...

i love that it is in a house. there should be more craft workshop stores in houses!! that could totally happen in hamilton! wheels spinning...