Sunday, May 22, 2011

death and texas (or, things on which to rely).

renegade austin (49)b
my favourite screen prints by timber!

renegade austin (52)b
custom letterpress coaster station from andrew le & tim cook

renegade austin (54)b
examples from heidie kenney's diy doll kits

i am way too zonked to pull actual thoughts together so i am just going to leave you with a few favourite images from today. i was also too zonked to take the whole event in properly - such is the beginning of a tour. the exhaustion of touring can never compare with the exhaustion of leaving home and i am a couple days away from feeling stable again. i know that there were more awesome vendors lurking in the depths of this show that i did not find. what i did happen into was lovely enough but i wish i had the mind power to see more. my photos from the whole show can be found here. yeehaw! now, off to sample some home-infused drinks i have heard about here.


Haute Cute said...

Hehe, did you mean "taxes"? As the saying goes :3

sweetie pie press said...

nope, texas! that's where the craft show was - the shining gem of austin, texas.