Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bookstore cowboy.

domy books (1)b

domy books (2)b

guys, i just fell in love. i mean we connected, chatted for was amazing. i am so grateful to austin, renegade and will bryant for connecting me with the increbile domy books austin and it's singular manager/curator/shop daddy, russell. really, words can not express the fireworks of connection.

domy books

domy books (10)b

domy books (11)b

what's more? their current exhibition, as above so below, is a collection of secret society paraphernalia and influenced artwork curated and assembled by bruce lee webb. i thought aitor's head was going to pop open at the display. bruce and his partner julie also run a gallery and ephemera emporium called webb gallery in (relatively) nearbu waxahachie. after russell's description of it, we are really hopeful to arrange a visit while we pass through on our way to arkansas. if you are in the austin area, bruce is giving a talk about the exhibition at domy on saturday. i so wish i could be there, but the climb back up north calls us so we won't be around. if you go, feel free to regale me with reports. i would love to know some of the stories behind this collection and the stories of the objects within.

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as if all this wasn't enough, you ca't do that on television was playing on a loop all day. oh, canada. i even spied some people i know on the screen! yes, canada can be that small.

domy books (21)b

domy, you have changed me forever and for the better. thank you. oh, and you can now find some sweetie pie button sets and zines there, austin.

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