Monday, March 7, 2011


montreal snow day (4)b

so...we woke up to this today. it could have been worse. sherbrooke got 70 centimetres. still, digging the old guy out took a while, driving was slippery and parking was a whole new bag of tricks. these are the days when car ownership can feel like a reallt scary ball and chain. here's the beat in his new digs. he's going to stay parked until i feel like battling the elements again. hopfully, some of the elements will melt.

montreal snow day (6)b

freed from the shackles of automotive responsibility, we travelled out into the montreal evening in search of poutine. we heard the great news that la banquise added veggie gravy to their menu. what's more? on the way there every colour was in the air.

montreal snow day (10)b

montreal snow day (14)b

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