Saturday, February 12, 2011

to eros is human.

erotic arts and crafts (3)b
the furs and the trees brooches by alexandra raptis

today's erotic arts and craft fair was, despite my exhaustion, full of joys tucked into the corners of the gladstone. note to self: no more comedy show nights followed by craft fair mornings. i always love this show for all the amazing and surprise erotic work that comes out of the woodwork. also, writing about this show reveals the innuendo in everything.

i think my favourite things of the whole day were these wood and fur vulvas by montreal maker, alexandra raptis. making vulvas out of stuff is half the formative fodder for regretsy but i think raptis has successfully avoided the pitfalls. i found these guys quite charming, delicate and sometimes funny.

erotic arts and crafts (5)b

speaking of good execution...

erotic arts and crafts (24)b
cumshot cookies by pretty poopie

erotic arts and crafts (25)b
plastic nipple brooches by iyf photography

these latter nipples were cast from a friend of the artist before she had a breast reduction. among other things, he told me that he could fit the mold on his head. i am sure her back is enjoying a needed rest. and there are these mementos of her old parts should she miss them.

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