Monday, February 21, 2011


photo by dustin parr

this is not very craft related (yet) but i thought i would pipe up at the end of this family day to mention another project that has been theiving my time of late. as some of you may or may not know, i have another life as a comedy/improv/theatre performer. it's a dwindling life as i work towards fully committing myself to art and craft, but i am still allowed some pretty exciting flourishes. and man do i love the rush of the stage (if not the gnawing anxieties that come with it).

one of these flourishes is quickly rumbling towards me in the form of another european tour, this time with kayla lorette (that's us together up above) as the sufferettes.

whenever a tour or project like this pops up, i end up extra thankful to have access to the incredibly talented people in my life. with all of two emails, i had dusty on board to make us look appealing and an agreement from shannon to make us some artwork for gig posters and online promotion. we did a photo shoot with shan today. you can be sure i will post the results of her labours here and there when we get them.

the sufferettes' european tour is still taking shape, but you can find our tour plans (and maybe other stuff) here.

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